About Gluten Free Necessity

Welcome to Gluten Free Necessity!

I’m Jordan, the creator of Gluten Free Necessity. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in October of 2016 while in college (that was a fun time to be diagnosed) and have been living a gluten-free and mostly lactose-free diet out of necessity ever since.

I created this website to help others navigate the challenging gluten-free, dairy-free/lactose-free lifestyle.

My wife Sydney and I have learned a lot about being gluten-free from many people who were willing to teach us, and Gluten Free Necessity was born

I’m been very involved in the gluten-free community in other ways as well.

  • Sydney and I volunteer gluten-free support group leaders with the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America, which gives us the opportunity to meet with and help our local gluten-free community.
  • I’ve participated in one of the Gluten Intolerance Group’s virtual panel discussions about Navigating the Money Challenges of Eating Gluten-Free
  • I was interviewed on the Celiac Project Podcast (episode 335) about my experience as a support group leader with the Gluten intolerance Group.
  • I participated in a clinical trial for Celiac Disease, and got glutened!
Picture of Jordan and his wife Sydney
My wife Sydney and I
Picture of gluten-free instagram account
We sometime post pictures of our gluten-free meals with this giraffe on Instagram. @glutenfreegiraffe